Law Sessions is a subsidiary of Caribbean Legal Practice Institute (CLPI).

CLPI is a provider of quality legal and other professional training in the Caribbean region delivering taught courses as well as in-house programmes.

Law Sessions is CLPI’s online LLB lecture/tutorial series, which offers not only a videotaped lecture, but interactive face-to-face tutorials via Go-to-meetings, hosting up to 25 students in tutorials.  Students from all over the world log into these tutorials to discuss the law tort, contract, land, EU, Public law and a host of other topics.

Law Sessions seeks to break down the mystery and difficulty level of the LLB, encourage depth of discussions and bring simplicity and clarity to the understanding of the cases.  Clear and simple language, without being simplistic is the order of the day.

Law Sessions is hosted by Jennifer Housen, CLPI’s Director.  Jennifer is qualified as a barrister-at-law in England & Wales, and is admitted as an attorney-at-law in New York and the Caribbean.  Being qualified in three jurisdictions and having being involved in training for over 15 years, Jennifer brings her legal background and teaching experience to assist students to approach LLB exams with less apprehension.

Jennifer has assisted hundreds of candidates in not only their LLB exam preparations, but also their New York Bar and (Caribbean) Law School Entrance Examinations.

Law Sessions is designed for all law students wanting to properly understand the law and is a useful tool especially for students studying a LLB distance programme.

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