Contract Law

Contract Law Overview


This law lecture /tutorial series on English contract law, based on Common Law (as opposed to Civil Law), provides an understanding of various areas of Contract law in England and is based on the English law LLB syllabus of the average UK (English) university. It covers the main concepts and principles including an introduction to contract law, contract formation, Offer and Acceptance, consideration in the law of contract, certainty of terms, contents of a contract – conditions, warranties, innominate (intermediate) terms, exemption – exclusion – clauses, misrepresentation and mistake in contract law, duress and undue influence, privity of contract, illegality and public policy in contract law, performance and breach of a contract, frustration of a contract and remedies for breach of a contract.

There is one lecture / tutorial session dedicated solely to answering contract law examination questions. contract law exams require a particular approach and three questions with guides to answering them are also included.

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