English Legal System

English Legal System Overview


This law lecture /tutorial series on English Legal System, also known on some LLB syllabuses as Common Law Reasoning & Institutions, provides an understanding of various aspect of English Common Law and is based on the English law LLB syllabus of the average UK (English) university. It covers the main concepts and principles including the nature of the Common Law tradition, judicial reasoning – both in respect of Precedent and Statutory Interpretation, the role and operation of courts, the judiciary and magistracy, the Criminal Justice Process, specifically Miscarriage of Justice, Human Rights Act (HRA) and Jury, Legal Services and Access to Justice.

There is one lecture / tutorial session dedicated solely to answering law examination questions in respect of English Legal System (ELS) / Common Law Reasoning and Institutions (CLRI). T hese types of law exams require a particular approach and three questions with guides to answering them are also included.

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